Mosses in biotechnology
Eva L Decker, Ralf Reski
In Current Opinion in Biotechnology, Volume 61, February 2020, Pages 21-27

Discovering valuable lipids of mosses from Iceland by UPLC-ESL-QTOF-MS based lipidomic approach
Poster presentation by Yi Lu and Raíssa Volpatto at the conference Nordics Natural Product Conference on Iceland 9-12 june 2019

Valuable Fatty Acids in Bryophytes—Production, Biosynthesis, Analysis and Applications
by Yi Lu, Finnur Freyr Eiriksson, Margrét Thorsteinsdóttir, and Henrik Toft Simonsen*
In Plants 2019
This article belongs to the Special Issue 2019 Feature Papers by Plants’ Editorial Board Members

Physcomitrella patens, a versatile synthetic biology chassis
Ralf Reski, Hansol Bae, Henrik Toft Simonsen
In Plant Cell Reports, 24 May 2018

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